CNN is shifting chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta to a new beat, the network announced Monday.

Acosta will serve as CNN’s chief domestic correspondent and will have anchor coverage on the weekends, the network said.

News of Acosta’s new role came along with several other moves the network announced, including the expansion of anchor Jake Tapper’s weekday program to two hours. Tapper will “serve as the network’s lead anchor for all major Washington events,” CNN said.

Acosta, who has served as CNN’s chief White House correspondent since 2018, has been with the network since 2013.

His sometimes combative exchanges with President Trump and several White House press secretaries made Acosta a target for the president and his allies, who regularly attacked journalists as “the enemy of the people.”

Following a testy exchange between Acosta and Trump in late 2018, during which the president called Acosta “a rude, terrible person,” the White House revoked the reporter’s press credentials without giving a reason for doing so.

The White House eventually restored Acosta’s press pass after CNN threatened to sue over the … (Read more)

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